Astralpool Connect 10 Automation

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Viron Connect 10 Automation

One Touch Favourite Mode
Pool & Spa Automation
Integrating all your pool & spa equipment
Integrates with home automation


Viron Connect is to the swimming pool what home automation is to the modern home. An advanced LCD touch screen interface enables the whole family to use the pool and spa, whenever and however. The optional internet gateway allows you to download the Connect My Pool App for Apple or Android devices and allows you to control your pool from anywhere in the house, or around the world.

The Viron Connect comes ready for all pool and spa applications. Delivering 10 equipment outlets, 4 motorised valve outlets, full external heater control, sanitiser output adjustment, inbuilt solar automation and 2 input / output options for home automation the Viron Connect provides a control solution for the very simple to the most demanding of backyard pool applications.


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