FLX Fibreglass Multicolour LED Pool and Spa Lights

$462.37 $349.00


IN STOCK. Ready to Freight

Suitable for Fibreglass pools
Compatible with Viron Connect, Touchscreen and Internet Gateway
One-piece Moulding with no joins to eliminate water ingress
Engineered Lens Diffuses light evenly throughout Pool
Compatible with Astralpool Salt Chlorinators (Light Control Enabled Models only)


Leading-edge, featureful lighting

The new Astralpool FLX Lights are the latest in LED Light technology and encompass features not found in other lights and are specifically designed for fibreglass pools.

With 7 standard colours to choose from, the FLX Lights can be matched to give the perfect enhancement to your pool at night. With 3 Colour Transition Modes, (Smooth, Fade and Disco) pool parties are elevated to the next level. We have even thought to add 3 brightness levels so not only can you select the right Colour or Mode for your surrounds, you can even choose the right level of output as well.

The slim profile allows for minimum intrusion into the pool maintaining the sleek modern look of todays pools and the one piece moulding prevents any water ingress.


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