Zodiac AquaLink M8 Pool & Spa

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AquaLink M8 is equipped with a bank of power outlets for your products to be easily connected, this helps save on additional installation fees usually associated with a control system. Simply ask your electrician to hardwire with 240VAC power then plug your products into any of the 6 x 10A or 2 x 15A outlets.

The choice is yours.

With AquaLink M8 you can choose either the PDA waterproof handset or the wall mounted One Touch panel or a combination of both systems. No matter what, there is an AquaLink M8 for every application — pools, spas, pool and spa combinations, custom pools and spas with separate equipment.

The iAquaLink Wi-Fi module gives you the power to manage all pool and spa equipment, backyard lighting and more from anywhere in the world at anytime. You can also have a variety of control panels or remote controls at your home. Adjust water temperature, dim the lights or change the colour depending on your mood, all while sitting in your pool or spa with friends.


The Zodiac AquaLink M8 Control System places control of your entire backyard paradise at your fingertips. Adjust spa temperature, turn on water features, monitor chlorine generation and so much more.

The AquaLink M8 is more than just a control system; it also safeguards all your pool and spa equipment. With built-in features like an automatic heater cooldown, self-monitoring freeze protection and pool cleaner safety delay, the M8 virtually eliminates any equipment protection concerns.

iAquaLink™ ready
Control at least 8 devices
Control up to 4 valve actuators
Pool only and pool and spa dual system
Available as PDA or One Touch panel models


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